"The “British Summer Programme” I attended thanks to the generosity of the people who sponsored the Junior Achiever Scholarship awarded to me a few months ago, in addition to intensifying my love for history gave me the opportunity to experience the European culture in a way I do not think any other 17 year old from a low-income household like me would.

I am beyond grateful for this amazing one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and, as I mentioned to my parents and friends a life changing experience, I had been deeply interested in history before this summer program but never had I considered to be a passion for me- something I would like to study more in depth in the future."

Junior Achiever 2016

Traveling to London for 12 days allowed me to understand the true meaning of art and inspiration so I as a person achieve greater hold on life. Within our trips, we saw memorials, statues, jewels, and more. I will never be able to forget this experience and will forever reign on my heart as the best experience of my life. On this trip we visited The Blank, this engaging performance showed me what it took to be a part of England's opera and amazed me to the point to help me decide that theatre is a wonderful major to pursue. I would like to genuinely thank you for all of your efforts for students like me. Without your help, I wouldn't have been flying for 11 hours to London on an international flight. You have helped a hot-headed boy with lollipop dreams turn into a traveling scholar and become a functional not ornamental asset to my school.

Junior Achiever 2015

"Being able to go to London this summer has altered my life in so many ways. My experience on the trip was one that you cannot even imagine, I got to interact with different cultures and taste different foods which has helped expand my horizons and open up to new things. I learned about the rich history of England and I have learned to value the diverse culture and unique architecture and history of each building I went into. I have benefited from this scholarship in so many more ways and I really appreciate that I was given the chance to have this wonderful experience. On this trip I learned to create better relationships with others and to not be timid because you never know what you can be missing out on. I also learned to be open minded to new things."

Junior Achiever 2011

"The two weeks spent in London were the best two weeks of my life. I loved that the trip itinerary was so well planned out because it included all aspects of British culture, so during the trip I cultivated knowledge that I don't think I would have ever learned if it was not for the trip.

This experience has changed the way I view the world, before the trip I lived in my own world that was just Houston, and although I had traveled around the country I had not grasped how different this world can be. This experience I think has helped to make me a well-rounded student that will impact my college experience."

Junior Achiever 2012

“The scholarship has changed my life by giving me an amazing experience of England that I won’t get anywhere else. Putting this experience on my resume is a way I will benefit from this scholarship. Being gone for 2 weeks on my own, being independent and making new friends is a plus and travelling abroad helped me learn about the different cultures that will help me towards my pursuit of international studies”

Junior Achiever 2010