The British American Foundation of Texas (BAFTX) is a non-profit 501 3(c) organization focused on providing opportunities for academic disadvantaged students to further their education.

BAFTX was established by the British American Business Council in 2006 as a beacon going forward into the future to help provide financial assistance and educational opportunities to academically gifted students in the United States and the United Kingdom who otherwise might not be able to pursue their education due to financial constraints.

Mission Statement: “To light an awareness of the opportunities available culturally and to affirm a commitment to the academically gifted, yet financially disadvantaged youth of today, encouraging them to become our global leaders of tomorrow”

BAFTX has been developing practice in the provision of scholarships to aspiring middle school, high school, undergraduate and postgraduate student since its conception. Success of sound community support has been achieved by building partnerships with local educational institutions and corporate sponsors and working together to identify and support the development of bright, hardworking, gifted students.

BAFTX has a well-developed ethos firmly grounded in the belief that education and travel broadens the mind and horizons and solidifies the existence of a world beyond the school bus perimeter. In practice this means that whenever students come to BAFTX for support they are not expected or obliged to fit pre-conceived ideas about what they need, or to accept pre-existing solutions. Recognizing that gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds need more than good will to change their lives BAFTX sets out to define and pursue their future on the world stage.

BAFTX staff work to ensure that the students they support think about their lives as developing within the same range of possibilities and opportunities as everyone else, working together to identify and define the support needed to realize the student’s ambitions and dreams.

This to date has been achieved through the development and implementation of a scholarship programme in Texas with the primary focus being in the field of Science and Technology and International Business.