Lizi provided us with a video showing just how much the Junior Achiever trip to London meant to her:

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"In 2012 I was accepted to the BAFTX Junior Achievers program and I have been in debt to BAFTX ever since. I come from a small Texan town called Houston, you might have heard of it; Houston was my world before I got the chance to travel--rarely getting the opportunity to travel and leave the small bubble that North Houston can be. Never in my young adult life could I have ever dreamed of going to England, but BAFTX made it happen; BAFTX made it happen for this unlikely traveler. Coming from a blue collar family, being able to leave the borders of beltway 8 was monumental to me. The cultural and academic exposure I gained through BAFTX is unparalleled to any other experience I've had since. I am currently embarking my Senior year at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, 1,547 miles away from home. My horizons have only further expanded after my experience in England. Thank you BAFTX for all your support!"

"BAFTX has been a tremendous factor in my love of studying abroad. BAFTX allowed me to observe how England's society functions and the English culture. Thanks to BAFTX, I went on to major in International Studies of Commerce and have studied in China, Costa Rica, and Japan since. I'm currently a 2L at Golden Gate University School of Law and am part of the Board for the International Law Society."

"The BAFTX trip was an immensely formative experience for me, and came right at a time when I was still figuring out how to navigate the world on my own. The program opened my eyes to cultures and opinions that sometimes directly contrasted my own worldview up to that point, and as a result, made me a much more open-minded and considerate adult. My father was English and did a great deal of travelling when he was younger, so I grew up hearing all of his stories, but I would never have been able to experience any of it for myself had I not been sponsored by BAFTX. That experience has resulted in my returning to the UK (travelling up and down the island) for at least a month every year since the trip, and pushed me to apply for a whole host of scholarships and programs I never would have dreamed of beforehand. I am now a Terry Scholar at Texas A&M Galveston, with a full ride all four years of university-- including a stipend for a semester abroad that I will be taking next year. I am a Community Leader (a university job), an officer in the Terry Organisation, and a leader on campus.

BAFTX allowed me to dream, then gave me the tools to make those dreams a reality."

I am so grateful for BAFTX because I was able to make lifetime friendships!! Studying abroad has also allowed me to talk to strangers easily! I now know that I will be able to live on my own in college! Experiencing programs now as freshmen, sophomores or juniors will give you all courage to actually do study abroad in college. It was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget or regret!

Junior Achiever 2016